Ballerina Photography

Many of you may have noticed lately that I have been working a lot with ballerinas. They make the perfect models, (beauty, action, strength and drama) all rolled into one package.  They are also easy to work with and are natural posers, with the ability to hold a pose.  Also another strength they posses is confidence.

Many of the Dancers that I have worked with so far are Professional Dancers from around the world, so a big thank you to those of you I’ve worked with, and good luck in your careers!

I’ve been finding different locations and scenes for them to master their skills and for me to work on mine.  I am often surprised with their agility and creativity.

My plan for this summer is to continue along these lines and hopefully find more dancers willing to work with me on this project.  I will be posting links to view my work and hope you enjoy…Please post any comments/suggestions…11167661_824614020921208_3314804103554429596_n 11265303_839382902777653_5672679337477980264_n 11330015_839336086115668_5531184793907092203_n 11391560_839336166115660_6391587448490034769_n11178220_827108920671718_2644250515891875417_n 11183446_827108807338396_4340888232030731629_n


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