Healing With Horses Photo Shoot

IMG_9547IMG_9554IMG_9555IMG_9557IMG_9558IMG_9514IMG_9552IMG_9556IMG_9559IMG_9546IMG_9550IMG_9553IMG_9549IMG_9711IMG_9714IMG_9706IMG_9708IMG_9715IMG_9724IMG_9721IMG_9704IMG_9713IMG_9727IMG_9790 IMG_9789 IMG_9788 IMG_9787 IMG_9792 IMG_9794 IMG_9795 IMG_9791 IMG_9793IMG_9786Healing for Horses Photo Shoot – Very interesting shoot this weekend with some very talented models and photographers.  I had a great time as this is my first for working with horses.  Only one mishap, one of the models I was working with was thrown from her horse.  No injuries and she looked very graceful during the fall (unfortunately I didn’t catch that part in camera)

The Shoot itself was located in Uncasville, CT. and I would recommend that if ever in the area, go and check it out!  Here are a few samples of the shoot…

IMG_9688 IMG_9689 IMG_9686 IMG_9684 IMG_9681IMG_9767 IMG_9763 IMG_9760 IMG_9764 IMG_9762 IMG_9759IMG_9569IMG_9624IMG_9623IMG_9581IMG_9572IMG_9571IMG_9566IMG_9614IMG_9622IMG_9615IMG_9612IMG_9677IMG_9678IMG_9676IMG_9675IMG_9686IMG_9673IMG_9671IMG_9672IMG_9669IMG_9670IMG_9801IMG_9799IMG_9800IMG_9797IMG_9796


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