Vuthy, Stacey and Courtney

Great shoot today with three great models put together by Saschia Johnson and Melissa Payne. As always, great job on makeup and hair. Also assisting on makeup was Stella Kwasnik. Great to have you onboard and hope to see more of your work. This is a start to these models portfolios, so we should plan on more great shoots of different varieties in the future.. great working with all of you and enjoy this post…

IMG_1804 IMG_1813 IMG_1815IMG_1925 IMG_2004 IMG_1985 IMG_2021IMG_2017IMG_1898IMG_1975IMG_1999


One thought on “Vuthy, Stacey and Courtney

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    Creative Photo Shoot by Saschia Johnson on October 3rd. Photography done by James T. Futrell at Strictly Digital Photography. We had a blast, the models were amazing and the entire event was a great success.


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